Field Training

Identification of threats Assessment of present selected military personnel capabilities and equipment – recommendation for skills development Combat and Tactical Training of Light Infantry, Airborne and Special Forces.

Identify Security Issues – recommend solutions to eliminate the threat

Identify security issues by assessing the capabilities. This will determine what areas require improvement. A plan of action will be created to address the underlying vulnerabilities, and this will include a bespoke training program, essential equipment recommendation and much more.

Assessment of military personnel capabilities and their equipment – recommendations for their skills development

This assessment will be conducted prior to the development of the training program. Its aim is to assess current unit and individual capabilities. This way we can offer the best solution to achieve the required skill level to meet all operational requirements. A bespoke training syllabus will be produced in combination with recommendations for equipment to create an acceptable level of combat effectiveness and readiness.

Combat and Tactical Training of Light Infantry, Special Forces and Airborne Units

Military training programs
  • “FIBUA” (Fighting in Built-Up Areas)

  • “SUT” (Small Unit Tactics), SUT advanced and Speed boat

  • “VCQB (Vehicle CQB) fighting in and outside the car”

  • “Survival”

  • “JTAC”

Training Tactical & Shooting programs
  • “NVGTAC”

  • Low Light

  • “CQB” Live Fire

Medical Courses
  • “CLS” (Combat Life Saver) “CLS” Advanced

  • “TECC” (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care) & “TECC” Advanced

  • Combat Medic

Police training programs
  • Close Protection of Persons in a Security Detail

  • “SWAT” Week
  • Active Shooter

  • Anti-riot course

Tactical Shooting Training
  • Pistol, Rifle and SMG Shooting and Weapon Handling Courses

  • Tactical Shotgun

  • Specialized Sniper Courses

  • Shooting Instructor

  • Air Assault

  • Tactical Rappel Basic and Tactical Rappel Advanced

Military / Police training programs
  • “CQB” (Close Quarters Battle), “CQB” Advanced and Hostage Rescue

  • Tactical Tracker


  • Tactical & Defensive Vehicle Driving

  • Breaching Course


  • Combat Diver

Self-defense training
  • H2H and Gun Retention

  • Expandable Baton

Training courses
Range / scope

Individual Training

Training infrastructure

Implementation of projects from initial design stage, throughout construction, testing and maintenance, regular safety checks. Special floor and ceiling design to reduce acoustic pollution at shooting ranges.


We offer:

  • Shooting ranges 25m, 50m & 250m (or tailored to the client’s needs)
  • Kill Houses
  • FIBUA (Fight Inside Built-up Areas) training facilities
  • MOUT (Military Operation In Urban Areas) training facilities
  • Helli Simulators (Rappelling, Fast Roping, Landings &Extraction)
  • CQB (Close Quarter Battle)/ VCQB (Vehicle Close Quarter Battle) Indoor Shooting Ranges

Training infrastructure Areas

25m Shooting Range (Indoor/Outdoor execution)

Suitable for pistol, submachine gun, Assault rifles (7,62x39) shooting skills training. CQB tactical training. 

50m Shooting Range (Indoor/Outdoor execution)

Suitable for all firearms with calibers up to 9x19; 7,62x39 and 5,56x45.

250m Shooting Range (Indoor/Outdoor execution)

Suitable for all firearms with calibers up to 12,7x99 and cal. 50. Sniper training.

Kill Houses – CQB Training

Typical and/or Tailor-Made layouts and executions. Use of EFFIX, CQT ammo. 9mm life ammo (lead core projectile). Equipped with CCTV for training missions recording and After-Action Review. Replaceable modular ballistic wall protection mounted on HARDOXTM/ARMOXTM.

FIBUA (Fight Inside Built-up Areas) training facilities

Typical and/or Tailor-Made layouts and executions. Possible use of EFFIX, CQT ammo. Equipped with CCTV for training missions recording and After-Action Review.

MOUT (Military Operation In Urban Areas) training facilities

Typical and/or Tailor-Made layouts and executions for newly built projects. Modification and equipping of existing structures in order to transform them into MOUT facility. Possible use of EFFIX, CQT ammo. Equipped with CCTV for training missions recording and After-Action Review.

COLLOSEUM -Helli Simulators

Special building and helicopter body hanged on movable crane with the possibility of helicopter body lifting and down. Facility designed for training of Rappelling, Fast Roping, Landings & Extraction.

VCQB (Vehicle Close Quarter Battle) Indoor Shooting Ranges

Tailor made indoor shooting range – hall equipped with ballistic and acoustic protection. Wide enough in order to enable VCQB training, shooting from moving car. Equipped with CCTV for training missions recording and After-Action Review. Replaceable modular ballistic wall protection mounted on HARDOXTM/ARMOXTM.

Hall is a double use, as it can be used as an indoor shooting range.

Training simulators


Training infrastructure that enables airborne units to train day / night, 24/7/365. Possibility of wide range free fall training levels, from the very basic one (rookie), till the training with military clothes, gear, armament, and personal cargo. Preparation of trainees in our aerodynamic tunnels before going to life outdoor jumps saves real aircrafts flight hour costs and gives the trainees the “luxury of mistakes that can be resolved”. Variable and controlled wind speed provides the trainees with the safety training environment. After action review tool using video in HD format, that goes without saying….

Aerodynamic Wind Tunnels
Vertical wind tunnels for military / entertainment / sport (body flying) purposes. The vertical wind tunnel technology, which we represent, is amongst the best and of highest quality in the world.
The product range of vertical wind tunnels includes several design types (singleloop, doubleloop and multipleloop), with various flight chamber diameters. These range from small tunnels (2.8 to 3.6 m), through middlesize tunnels (4.3 m) to the currently largest diameter tunnels on the market to date (5.0 to 5.2 m). Thanks to ability to provide tailormade solutions and complete inhouse production, those parameters can be adjusted to the customers’ needs.

Main competitive advantage lies in the ability to secure a complete range of services. From project design and production, to the installation, set-up and operators/maintenance training. Engineers from the Development and Construction department are ready to discuss individual requirements or possible limitations to propose a so-called “custom-made „wind tunnel solution.

Also, a significant competitive advantage is energy-efficient active cooling system, providing thermal comfort.

The Wind Tunnels can be supplied as a Turnkey Project, or technology into provided civil infrastructure can be delivered only. All depending on the customers’ needs and preferences.

Clients, however, are not restricted to the models listed in our product lines only. It is possible and very common that wind tunnels with very individual parameters are built for clients.


Aimed at training types that can be hardly realized on live fire shooting ranges. As for example – Public areas scenarios dealing with engaging suspects / targets in a crowd of bystanders or civilians. Such a training helps the students/trainees in developing their shooting skills, improving fast decision-making process and reducing reaction time as needed in critical situations.


Focused on smaller units / groups combat tactics and battle drills training. The system comprises from electronical vests (equipped with GPS, communication, and laser sensors), laser emitters mounted on real client’s weapons (using a blank ammunition during training), communication network and command and control Center. The training exercise director at Command center has an online knowledge of location of all units (red and blue) and their status (active – wounded – eliminated) and has the option / tools to prepare different training scenarios. After the training scenario is completed, an After-Action Review feature for debriefing is available.


Focused on collective tactics training of units up to a company level. Training system is based on reconfigurable virtual simulators including simulated command and control system.
During the training, various simulated platforms in one simulation environment are being used, thus, to create complex scenarios maximally simulating the real mission conditions.
Unit leaders and their subordinates are trained together to achieve proficiency in all essential tactical skills.
The Exercise Director is equipped with tools enabling him the preparation, control and evaluation of the training missions.


Simulation tool for training of military commanders & staff on the battalion /brigade level. The system is used mainly on the level of the Command Post Exercise, the most common exercise used for battalion staff & subordinates. The training is realistically reflecting specified Army doctrine and Mission, Enemy, Troops, Terrain, and Time Available (METT-T). All organic and supporting communication equipment can be simulated as well.

 Crisis Management
Crisis management staff training aims at developing skills essential for effective crisis management. It is intended for staff in charge of emergency services coordination, such as police, firefighters, rescue units, emergency medical service and civil authorities. The training has mobile capability, so the training can be performed right in the working environment of the emergency committees. 


This Tactics Training System enables simulated tactics training of pilots, commanders and related ground staff. The system provides pilots and instructors with a full scope of simulators and other tools necessary for effective planning, conducting and the evaluation of training tasks and missions. Wide range of fixed wings aircraft types can be simulated, including its typical armament. Incorporation of FAC training into the general training scenarios is enabled.


Cockpit Procedure & Tactics Helicopter Trainers are focused for training of pilots, board technician and rear crew – door gunners. Both, on the ground and in-flight training and exercise activities and procedures are enabled (ordinary and emergency ones). Tactical procedure simulator particularly provides the training and exercise of the operation, control and the use of helicopter on-board systems, weapon and self-protection systems in performing combat tasks, navigation tasks and tactical situations.


Wide range of Ammunition for small and large calibers.


Pistols, Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles Accessories – Sighting Devices, Collimators, Thermal Vision.


Personal ballistic protection Vests and Helmets Optoelectronics Equipment NIGHT / THERMAL VISSION Communication equipment Medical equipment Combat identification systems.

Ballistic Helmets

Personal Ballistic Vests and Belts

Ballistic Shields


Mobile Radio Stations

Personal Communication sets

Combat Beacons

Thermal Combat Beacons

Multi-spectral Combat  Identification Beacons

Tag Track &Locate NIR & Thermal Beacons

Passive Identification Pannels


Personal Round-top Parachutes

Autonomous cargo precision resupply systems


Personal Parachute Systems designed to HAHO/HALO jumps, including oxygen supply and navigation systems

Medical equipment to secure urgent pre-hospital treatment in the extreme weather conditions or in combat

Range Finders/Laser Designators

Optical Equipment

Weapon Sights


NVG/Thermal Vision

  • Night Vision Systems – monocular, biocular and binocular systems
  • Heads-Up Systems for night vision equipment
  • Thermal add-on modules
  • Fusion Night and Thermal Vision Systems
  • Weapon Mounted Night Site   
  • Laser range gated imaging and active infra-red night-vision systems for night vision operations
  • Night Vision testing and measuring tools
  • Night Vision light tool and equipment