Focused on collective tactics training of units up to a company level. Training system is based on reconfigurable virtual simulators including simulated command and control system.
During the training, various simulated platforms in one simulation environment are being used, thus, to create complex scenarios maximally simulating the real mission conditions.
Unit leaders and their subordinates are trained together to achieve proficiency in all essential tactical skills.
The Exercise Director is equipped with tools enabling him the preparation, control and evaluation of the training missions.


Simulation tool for training of military commanders & staff on the battalion /brigade level. The system is used mainly on the level of the Command Post Exercise, the most common exercise used for battalion staff & subordinates. The training is realistically reflecting specified Army doctrine and Mission, Enemy, Troops, Terrain, and Time Available (METT-T). All organic and supporting communication equipment can be simulated as well.

 Crisis Management
Crisis management staff training aims at developing skills essential for effective crisis management. It is intended for staff in charge of emergency services coordination, such as police, firefighters, rescue units, emergency medical service and civil authorities. The training has mobile capability, so the training can be performed right in the working environment of the emergency committees.