Military training programs

(Fighting in Built-Up Areas)
This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of tactical movement and combat in urban areas such as towns, cities & villages.

(Small Unit Tactics), SUT Advanced and Speed boat
The ‘Small Unit Tactics Course’ is designed to teach the fundamentals of team and squad level tactics in wooded and open terrain.
The ‘Small Unit Tactics Advanced Course’ will train and prepare trainees to participate in, and lead, Small Units in wooded and open terrain during advanced tactical operations. This will include creating Observation Posts (OP’s) and the reconnaissance of the enemy.
The ‘Speed Boat Course’ is based on Small Unit Tactical operations which starts and/or ends on the water.

(Vehicle CQB) fighting in and outside the car
Vehicle CQB is an exclusive shooting and tactical class that will focus on positional shooting and how to fight tactically in and around vehicles.

This course is focused on teaching the basic skills needed to survive in the wild. It will cover unexpected events such as a vehicle wreck in the wilderness, natural disasters and how to manage with minimal resources and equipment.

The ‘Joint Terminal Attack Controller’ (JTAC) course teaches how to direct military aircraft during combat operations. JTAC duties in a theater of operation include communicating with aircraft pilots, drones, and helicopters. This course enables personnel to provide air support for military units on the ground.