Combat and Tactical Training of Light Infantry, Special Forces and Airborne Units

Military training programs
  • “FIBUA” (Fighting in Built-Up Areas)

  • “SUT” (Small Unit Tactics), SUT advanced and Speed boat

  • “VCQB (Vehicle CQB) fighting in and outside the car”

  • “Survival”

  • “JTAC”

Training Tactical & Shooting programs
  • “NVGTAC”

  • Low Light

  • “CQB” Live Fire

Medical Courses
  • “CLS” (Combat Life Saver) “CLS” Advanced

  • “TECC” (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care) & “TECC” Advanced

  • Combat Medic

Police training programs
  • Close Protection of Persons in a Security Detail

  • “SWAT” Week
  • Active Shooter

  • Anti-riot course

Tactical Shooting Training
  • Pistol, Rifle and SMG Shooting and Weapon Handling Courses

  • Tactical Shotgun

  • Specialized Sniper Courses

  • Shooting Instructor

  • Air Assault

  • Tactical Rappel Basic and Tactical Rappel Advanced

Military / Police training programs
  • “CQB” (Close Quarters Battle), “CQB” Advanced and Hostage Rescue

  • Tactical Tracker


  • Tactical & Defensive Vehicle Driving

  • Breaching Course


  • Combat Diver

Self-defense training
  • H2H and Gun Retention

  • Expandable Baton

Training courses
Range / scope

Individual Training